Our story

Our beginnings

We are a small Czech company that was founded in 2004. At that time, we produced men's shorts, which we supplied to the entire Czech Republic and SK. Everything was made in the Czech Republic from 100% cotton.

Later we came to the market with a new product. Women's underpants that started to sell in an incredible way and today it is already the standard for all ladies who use them especially for sleeping.

Our priority was to sell quality clothes at a reasonable price with the lowest impact on the country's ecology.

Thanks to traveling, we met a lot of interesting personalities and discussed our ideas. The most interesting experience was with Professor Luboš Hes from the University of Liberec, where we tested COOLMAX materials, the breathability and vapor permeability of the materials.

Menstrual underwear is currently a hit all over the world. We decided to manufacture products under the Bodylok brand. We offer panties made of different materials, interesting and colorful designs at a reasonable price.

Ecology is everything to us. How do we burden our planet?

We are still aware that we unnecessarily burden our country with waste. We still have to worry about regularly buying hygiene items made of various artificial materials, which we then simply throw away.

What happens to them then? How long has it been in the landfill?

  • More than 8 billion pads and tampons are thrown away every year, and the average menstruating person uses 11,000 pads, tampons in their lifetime.
  • What happens to disposable products when they are thrown away?
  • A tampon takes 6 months to biodegrade, and pads and applicators sit in landfills for centuries!
  • What exactly does a tampon release into my body?
  • Do I want to put harmful substances into my body every month?

We manufacture menstrual underwear that:

  • It gives a sense of confidence when I'm expecting my days and I don't know exactly when.
  • It will make life easier during sports, during the normal working day and at night.
  • I do not burden the environment and at the same time protect my body from harmful substances that are released from hygiene products.

Made with love

Product development

We design our products in the Czech Republic. We thoroughly test and then manufacture by hand in China under strict supervision. Our suppliers adhere to ethical codes and hold SGS certificates. This certification has several core standards that address work practices, factory conditions and compliance with environmental and customs regulations, and manufacturing conditions for employees.

The development and design of the product, the construction of cuts and all strategic activities necessary for the perfect functioning of the brand take place in the Czech Republic. The production takes place in China, in carefully selected factories, where through our quality manager we oversee precise procedures and adherence to a high standard, which makes us different from companies that only import Chinese goods. We chose Asian production because there is currently no one else on the market who can provide us with technology, materials and processing at such a high level in relation to the price than China. We regularly visit manufacturers and check the quality of production. We work exclusively with a family business that has 10 employees.

Our suppliers also hold the GOTS certificate, which are ecological and social criteria that businesses must commit to. Use of fibers from biological cultivation, exclusion of toxic substances and substances harmful to the environment. The last holder of the OEKO TEX 100 certificate is an international testing and certification system for textiles produced only from health-friendly materials.

We believe that you will be satisfied and that our products will serve you well!

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