Our materials

You can choose from the following types of certified material

The most important element is the unique NANOLOK membrane. A membrane that is composed of 3 functional parts and a woven material. The choice of materials is important, which we carefully select from our suppliers in order to produce the most comfortable panties.


Among the clear advantages of bamboo is the fact that, like organic cotton, it is a purely natural fiber. It was especially popular with allergy sufferers. Eliminates odors.


A natural material that stands out mainly for its strength. It is very breathable, the skin can breathe, which is especially appreciated by allergy sufferers.


It is a natural material - it is called artificial silk. It is comfortable to wear on the body, it is very light, airy, and it wicks away sweat perfectly. He doesn't lie.

Cross-section of the membrane nanoloc

  1. quick-drying layer (moisture transport)
  2. layer - moisture absorption (silver against odor)
  3. nano membrane - a layer preventing back seepage
  4. outer layer - fabric

All bodylok pants

Absorption layer along the entire length

Based on testing and customer experience, we use an absorbent layer along the entire back of the panty for almost all models. The problem in testing was that with the stronger type of cycle there was backflow.