How to choose panties

How heavy is my period?

To find out which Bodylok styles would suit you best, consider how light / medium / strong your cycle is throughout the week of your period.

How often to change panties?

Every woman should test the panties first. Below are a few examples from our own experience:

Harder days

Women with heavier periods alternate between 2-3 types of panties a day and heavy period panties at night.

Heavy menstruation

Standard course

Women with standard menstruation alternate between 2 types of panties per day and mid-menstruation panties at night

Middle menstruation

How much liquid can the panties hold?

*the values ​​we give are based on our experience or the experience of our customers during testing.

Bodylok heavy menstruation

Absorption capacity of up to 4 tampons.
33-36 ml

Bodylok middle menstruation

Absorbency of up to 2-3 tampons.
16-18 ml

Bodylok weak menstruation

Absorbency of 2 tampons.
10-14 ml

Menstruation and sport

Do your days limit you in sports or leisure activities? Try our sporty cut.

Due to the high absorption, women also use the panties as night panties. They hold up to 45 ml of liquid and correspond to the absorption of up to 6 tampons. Or if they have an irregular cycle and don't know when menstruation will come.

Sporty cut