How to return goods - procedure

Prepare the order number and the email to which you received the order confirmation. Then simply proceed step by step. You can comfortably and without worry return or complain about the goods.

1. Prepare your order number and email
2. Paste into the online form

3. Select the products you want to claim

4. Order shipping or send the products to the address specified in the online form
!!! Do not return shipments to the company headquarters, always generate a label in the online form. Send to the address given in the form !!!

5. Wait for the confirmation email, where you can print a label in the case of a shipment ordered via the form .

6. In the case of a courier, wrap the package and take it to the nearest collection point


If you withdraw from the purchase contract, you must send the purchased goods within 14 days from the date of withdrawal, at your expense.

If you want to return part of the order, we will recalculate the remaining (non-returned) part of the order and you may lose the right to the quantity discount that you may have applied during the purchase. We will inform you.
If you return the goods within the legal period of 14 days without giving reasons and you bought the goods with free shipping, we will charge you for the shipping.

The goods must be securely packed (as you received them), in the original packaging, undamaged, unwashed and odorless. Otherwise, your package will be returned.

If you have any problems, please call: 777 023 573